welcome to my shitlist

i called 'shitlist' to my music page cuz i think that all my musical likes is shit

i wish you would call me
by your name 'cause i'm sorry
this is not apology
you are such a distraction

and i'll pull your crooked teeth
you'll be perfect just like me
you'll be a lover in my bed
and a gun to my head
we must never be apart

baby, i'm a sociopath
sweet serial killer
on the warpath
'cause i love you just a little too much
i love you just a little too much
you can see me drinking cherry cola
sweet serial killer
i left a love note
said you know i love the thrill of the rush
you know i love the thirll of the rush

the farther I fall I'm beside you
as lost as I get I will find you
the deeper the wound I'm inside you
for ever and ever I'm a part of
you and me

i love. i can. i bleed. i love
i hate. i'm now. i was. i want too much
is it any wonder i can't sleep, all
have is all yo gave to me
is it any wonder i found peace
through you...

Erst wird es heiƟ dann kalt am Ende tut es weh
Amour Amour

i don't wanna think about you
every time i think about you
i swear i fall in love again

im nothing but a body in my mind

been thinking about you, and there's no rest
shit i still love you, still see you in bed
but i'm playing with myself, and what do you care
when the other men are far, far better

you're the only one i want by my side when i fall asleep